Vlc Media PlayerSince the VLC Media player was released, it has been downloaded thousands of times and counting. Why did it become so popular? It was not even advertised extremely like other media players that are owned by big companies. We even have not heard of its trial version. But still it was installed in the computer of almost millions of users. Since then downloading of the VLC Media player has not stopped. Even more today, a newer version was released with more advanced features not seen on other media players. What does this player really has that other media players don’t?

If you will see how this player looks like, you might just pass it by on the Internet. You would never even bother to read what it has to offer because it looks plain and cheap. Well, not every powerful application looks “beautiful”. Today, the simpler the application is the more powerful it is. Performance it not based on looks and this is true for the VLC Media player. It may be small and simple but it is packed with unbelievable features that are not meant for display but they are meant to be used. Though, you might think that since it has a lot to offer, it will definitely take a lot of hard disk space on the computer. The answer to this is no. The new version of the VLC Media player boasts a file size of 14 MB.

So with its small file size it will definitely be easy to download and install. Even though it has a new version it still has the same simple user interface that was loved by its patriots. It does not need a step-by-step instruction just to figure out what a specific control is used for. Here are some of the file formats that it can play DVD, VCD, DV25, Linux, 3ivx, XVID, MPEG1, MP3, MPEG4 and many more. Some of the file formats may not be so familiar for some users. But whatever it is as long as it can be viewed then there is not much to discuss. In addition, whatever errors that happened on the past versions it has totally been fixed with this new one. Especially when it comes to playing the DTS file. It was totally not playable on the older version but now this issue has been resolved. 

You must how does users know if there are updates for the VLC Media player? Are there annoying pop-ups or emails reminding us to upgrade the application? Well, the answer is no. It can be a bit of an advantage since there are no notifications because you need to visit its website just know if there are updates. But on the other hand, the email and pop-up notifications can be annoying at times. But if you are satisfied with the version of the VLC Media player you have now then there is no reason to update. But since the updates are free, why not try it? There is nothing to lose especially when it is free. And the great part about it is that you do need to pay a hefty price for a license so that you could use it. All you need to do is to download, install and enjoy.Download Vlc Media Player Version Latest Version